Comprehensive Computer Testing

Do you ever find yourself questioning the reliability of your computer hardware? Perhaps you’re facing a significant task, and your computer, which you or your business depend on daily, needs to be in top condition. If you’re seeking reassurance that everything is running smoothly or are considering the need for a replacement, I’ve got good news for you!

Phillips Design has added a new Comprehensive Computer Testing service!  For just $125.00, we will perform the following tests on the following components of your computer:

USB Port Testing:  We’ve devised a way to test your computer’s USB ports for proper voltage output. If they’re outside the correct range, connected devices may malfunction or get damaged. While some USB ports can be replaced, most are integral to the motherboard. In such cases, we suggest options like adding a USB hub or motherboard add-on card, taking about half an hour to install. (appr. 1/2 hr)

Memory Test: Tests the functionality & speed of the memory (ram) chips installed on the motherboard to determine if any of the installed modules are failing (appr. 4 hrs)

Harddisk Test: Tests the strength/weakness of the entire hard drive, electronic bit by electronic bit, to determine if there are any bad (unwritable) areas.  This test can take a LONG time depending on how large it is & how many bad areas there may be, so no estimated time is available.

CPU Test: tests the functionality as well as temperature range to determine if it has weakened over time: (appr. 12 hrs)

GPU Test:  tests the functionality/range of the Graphics Processing Unit either on the motherboard or added on the graphics card to determine the range of functionality as well as if it has weakened over time (appr. 3 hrs.

Operating System Test:  test to determine if there is any corruption in the OS and if so repairs what is repairable or alternately reports, if unrepairable, whether reinstallation will be required (depending on harddrive test above) (appr. 2 hrs)

Heat Transfer Test:  to determine if either the case fan or CPU fan (or both) has weakened over time and may not be cooling your computer properly.  This usually occurs in desktops that have been placed on the floor (thus sucking up inordinate amounts of dirt & hair, packing the fan bearings), or in the case of laptops, since the heat escape ports are under the computer, to determine if the CPU has been unduly overheated due to placing the laptop on reflective surfaces or soft surfaces that would plus the heat escape ports.  (appr. 3 hrs)

As you can see by tallying the approximated times necessary to perform each test, we will need your computer for some time, but, as with anything comprehensive, it’s worth the time!

You will receive a report detailing the results of each test when we deliver your computer back to you, as well as any recommendations from the results.

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