Computer Maintenance Agreements

At Phillips Design, we understand the critical need for small businesses to keep their computers running smoothly. Our Computer Maintenance Agreements are tailored to help small businesses manage costs while ensuring rapid response times and top-notch service.

Why Choose Our Maintenance Agreement?

  • Affordable Rates: Enjoy rates as low as $60.00 per hour, a substantial saving compared to the typical $110.00 per hour charged by many consultants.
  • Priority Service: Get preferred response times with same-day, and often same-hour, service solutions.
  • Flexible Billing: We bill in convenient quarter-hour increments instead of the standard one-hour minimum.
  • Transparent Reporting: Receive monthly reports detailing exactly how much service time you’ve used.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Rate Lock: Your agreed rate won’t increase even if our prices do during the term of your agreement.
  • Comprehensive Consulting: Access a wide range of consulting services, whether in-house, remote, or over the phone.

Proactive Monthly Services (Optional):

  • Operating System Updates: We’ll apply only the necessary updates specific to your systems.
  • Computer Protection: Keep your protection schemes up-to-date and check system logs to prevent issues.

Protect Against Threats: With the option to install our “Stop ‘Em Dead!” computer protection scheme, safeguard your business against new and emerging threats.

Choose Your Level of Service:

  • Custom Level: Over $10,000 for tailored, extensive support.
  • Level 1: $10,000
  • Level 2: $5,000
  • Level 3: $2,500
  • Level 4: $1,000

Each level offers more consulting time at a better value, along with all the benefits listed above. The time you purchase does not expire, whether you use it in a month or spread it over 10 years.

Get Started Today!
Contact us at 614-764-0476 or email [email protected] to set up your Computer Maintenance Agreement and keep your business running smoothly without interruptions.

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