Computer Maintenance Agreements

Small businesses cannot afford to have any of their computers “go down”, because they typically have only a few computers and most of them are “mission critical”, meaning that when something happens, there will be a serious negative impact to the small business that may put them out of operation until the issue is resolved.

Most computer consulting companies do not respond rapidly to small businesses because they know there is not a lot of money in it for them, preferring instead to contract with mid sized to large businesses.  Additionally, The average rate of most computer consultants is appr. $110.00 an hour (, making this an almost prohibitively expensive cost to most small businesses.

Another issue small businesses face is the fact that most computer consulting companies do not respond rapidly to small businesses because they are not “under contract” with them.  This places a burden on the small business because they simply cannot afford for their computer equipment to be off-line for extended period of time, and forget about trying to get a response on weekends, unless you want to pay an even higher “emergency” rate!

Phillips Design has implemented a Computer Maintenance Agreement aimed at the small business to specifically resolve these issues.  Our Computer Maintenance Agreements offer small businesses savings over our normal low hourly rate of $75.00, bringing your cost down to as low as $60.00 per hour.  As you can see, this is a substantial savings over the average computer consultant cost!  Additionally, our Computer Maintenance Agreement give the small business “preferred response” over our hourly customers, getting you same day response, and often same hour response!

Other benefits of our Computer Maintenance Agreements are:

  • Quarter hour billing increments instead of our normal 1 hour minimum.
  • A running monthly report showing you exactly how much time has been used.
  • Should we experience a rate increase during your agreement, your rate will not increase.
  • There is no limit to the type of computer consulting available; in-house, remote, over the phone, performing research, etc.

A final benefit is our monthly service.  Each month, we will optionally get into your computers remotely to perform the following services:

  • Perform Operating System updates specific to your computer & only those specific to your computer, ensuring that harmful updates are not applied.
  • Ensure that your computer protection scheme is kept up to date.
  • Check the Operating System event logs to mitigate any potential hardware or software issues where possible.

Some other reasons your small business needs our Computer Maintenance Agreement are:

  • Computer protection.  Every day new infections are created aimed at small businesses.  We can optionally install our “Stop ‘Em Dead!” computer protection scheme on all your computers to help mitigate this issue.

We now offer 5 different levels of Computer Maintenance Agreements; Custom Level is any amount over $10,000.00, suitable for those businesses that need much more attention; Level 1 is $10,000.00; Level 2 is $5,000.00; Level 3 is $2,500.00, & Level 4 is $1,000.00.  Each level gets your business more computer consulting time over our normal hourly rate, plus all the benefits mentioned above!  Please note that this is NOT a “timed agreement”; it doesn’t matter if it takes you a month or 10 years to use up your time!  Call us at 614-764-0476 or email us at [email protected] to institute a Computer Maintenance Agreement for your business today!

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