Here at Phillips Design, we really specialize in computer disinfection and protection. And when we say specialize, we mean it!  Earl Phillips has been in the computer infection game literally since the first web-based virus came out, and has kept up ever since.  Our computer disinfection service is very comprehensive, taking typically 24 hours to completely disinfect and properly protect a computer.  Don’t worry, we figured out a way to make this affordable to everyone with an infected computer!  The cost is only $125.00 per computer!  And, when we’re done, your computer will be “whistle clean” with no data loss!

No other company can make this claim.  The way most other computer shops approach an infected computer is to either wipe it clean and reload the Operating System, or run one of the well-known A/V products, like Symantec or McAfee on it & pronounce it clean.  The first approach not only results in the loss of all your data and software, but also your configurations, resulting in days of trying to rebuild to get back to productivity.  Unfortunately this approach does not guarantee that your computer is clean, because many of today’s infections can get past the file system, past the Operating System, and into either the boot sector of your hard drive or even into the bios chip on the motherboard!  You could literally take the hard drive out of your computer and it would still be infected!  The second approach doesn’t work any better because the “bad guys” know how to fool the well-known A/V products, plus, according to industry standard testing only catch at most 70% of the known infections, and nearly 0% of new infections!

When your computer gets infected, don’t waste your time or money, just call us and we’ll take care of it!

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