• We figured out a way to make this affordable to everyone with an infected computer!  The cost is only $125.00 per computer!
  • Our computer disinfection service is very comprehensive, taking typically 24 hours to completely disinfect and properly protect a computer. 

Here at Phillips Design, we really specialize in computer disinfection and protection. And when we say specialize, we mean it!  Earl Phillips has been in the computer infection game since the first web-based virus came out, and has kept up ever since.  

Other companies cannot make this claim!

Instead of wiping your computer clean, like other companies, we approach disinfection in a way that prevents days of trying to rebuild to get back to productivity. 

Today’s infections are getting sneakier. They can slip past the usual barriers like the file system and Operating System, and sneak into deeper parts of your computer, like the boot sector of your hard drive or even the bios chip on the motherboard! So, even if you remove your hard drive, the infection might still be lurking. Traditional antivirus software isn’t foolproof either. The “bad guys” can outsmart them, and these programs often only catch about 70% of known infections, and almost none of the new ones.

When your computer gets infected, don’t waste your time or money, just give us a call and we’ll take care of it!

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