Computer Consulting

At Phillips Design, we offer all types of computer consulting, including repair, installation, upgrading, hardware, software and small networking.  We even offer free recycling to make sure your old computers do not end up in the landfill!

For small to mid-sized businesses, we also offer Maintenance Agreements.  Over the years we have learned that small to mid-sized business are at a disadvantage when it comes to computer consulting; too small to have full time in-house IT staff, but still needing rapid response at an affordable cost.  Our Maintenance Agreements give you a discount over our already ridiculously low hourly rate, plus offer you the peace of mind of rapid response when your computers experience problems.  Let’s face it, most small to mid-sized businesses only have a few computers at best, and when these go down, you’re essentially out of business until you can get someone out there to take care of you.  Most computer consulting firms will put you on their waiting list & get to you when they can; here at Phillips Design you get the service you need!

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